Best graduate degrees

There are many professions that require best graduate degrees. You should choose one of the best graduate degrees if you want to boost your career and to have higher employment opportunities. Some jobs pay less than others and you should take into account the starting salary if you want a job that rewards your efforts with financial benefits. Earning best graduate degrees is becoming more and more popular nowadays due to the increase in the level of specialization of certain fields of activity. Graduate programs are expending due to the high demand of fresh graduates on the job market. People consider getting the best graduate degrees in order to get promotions and salary increases on a market where more and more persons have completed higher form of education.


Our best graduate degrees

Degree Fees (USD$) Duration&Credits Suggest Years ofWorking Experience
Associate Degree USD$ 160 2 years (60 credits) 2 Years
Bachelor Degree USD$ 170 4 years (120 credits) 3 Years
Master Degree USD$ 220 2 years (60 credits)(2 years after Bachelor degree) 4 Years
Doctorate Degree USD$ 260 4 years (120 credits)(4 years after Master degree) 6 Years
Fellowship USD$ 310 2 years (60 credits)(2 years after Doctorate degree) 8 Years
Professorship USD$ 310 Not Apply (normally 4 years of experience after PHD or Master degrees) 8 Years
Honorary Doctorate USD$ 370 Not Apply (only issue to very special prestige or established person) 8 Years


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Extra Order with Degree

Items Fees (USD$) Remark
Academic Transcripts $100 This is the academic transcripts (aka: grade report) to show all your courses during your academic study. You can specify your grade from A+ to D for your entire study.
Student Records $95 This is the student records to proof your study and graduation. It will print your name, address, nationality, graduation date, major of study in this record.
Acceptance Letter $95 This is the university acceptance letter (admission letter). This letter will indicate that you are being accepted by your university.
Graduation Letter $95 This is the university graduation letter signed by Principal and Vice-Chancellor. This will printed your date of graduation.
Reference Letter by First Professor $95 This reference will be written by one of your professor in your area of major.
Reference Letter by Second Professor $95 If you want a second professor to write a reference letter to you, this will increase your credibility.
Reference Letter by Third Professor $95 Some people want a third professor to write an additional reference letter. This will increase their credibility in their CV and portfolio.
Letter of Appreciation $95 This letter will be written by one of our professors or senior administrators to appreciate your contribution to the school. Some customer need this letter to increase their credibility in their community service.


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Best graduate degrees

The best graduate degrees

When you choose your graduate program you should be passionate about the subject and you should consider if you get a monetary return on your investment as well.

nowadays are in health and medical services, technology, business and education.

The salary you earn is influenced by industry, location, size of the company and the level of education and work experience you have. There are some jobs where a graduate degree is required in order to be selected for a job. You should choose one of the following best graduate degrees that offer high starting salaries are related to developing industries.

Healthcare is becoming increasingly important and offers many career opportunities. It is expected a growth in the job openings in healthcare through 2018. The growth of the aging population determines the increase of the number of work places in this industry. Growth in healthcare is greater compared to other industries and this is why you should consider healthcare among the best graduate degrees. You can become a clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner and physician assistant with these best graduate degrees and starting salaries are high.

Among the best graduate degrees are the ones in business administration. It offers specialization for different careers related to management, marketing, sales, finance and accounting and the salaries are generally high enough to keep you motivated. If you become a marketing director you can earn up to $ 48,000 per year, as an operations manager you can have a salary of $ 59,000 per year, as a human resources manager you will earn up to $ 67,000 per year and as a financial analyst you can earn an annual salary of up to $ 53,000.

For the ones that are good at mathematics and science and like to solve technical problems , among the best graduate degrees is a degree in engineering. You can become a petroleum engineer, electrical engineer, computer hardware engineer, chemical engineer or aerospace engineer and you will earn a median annual salary of about $ 70,000, even higher for some of these specializations.

As technology is constantly developing, you should consider information technology among the best graduate degrees. You will manage the computing resources for the company you work and you will be an IT professional. You can choose to become a project manager; manager of information systems, system analyst or software engineer and you will earn a salary around $ 80,000 per year.

We advise you to take into consideration one of the best graduate degrees presented above and order the degrees from us in order to boost your career. We provide graduate degrees based on work experience or a thesis on a relevant field of study and the degrees come from accredited and reputable universities. The best graduate degrees we offer are recognized worldwide and they are legal and accredited. Order now one of the best graduate degrees and enjoy the benefits that will come.

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