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As the cost of education continues to increase it is essential to choose degrees that pay in order to do a good investment. Generally a college degree will open doors and increase the earning potential, but you have to choose wisely the degrees that pay in order to be satisfied by the time, money and effort you have made. In this article we will present you colleges that have degrees that pay in order to help you choose what type of degree to order from us. We offer college degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees that have degrees that pay and increase your chances to get promoted and obtain a salary increase. We compute return on investment for every specific degree and we determine the median cash compensation over the course of 30 years.

Degrees that pay

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Degrees that payAmong the degrees that pay is mathematics. If you are good at problem solving and have numeracy skills there are many career options with a degree in mathematics. If you become an actuary you can earn a median salary of $ 70,000. The salary for an operations research analysis manager is $ 146,456. If you become an accounts payable or receivable manager your median salary will be around $ 76,241.

Another important degree among the degrees that pay is information technology degrees. You will become an IT specialist and there are plenty of career opportunities available for you. You can get a job of web applications developer and earn a median salary of $ 80,584. If you choose to be a business intelligence specialist you can earn a median salary of $ 109, 604. The median salary for information technology manager is around $ 107, 578.

You should know that human resources are among the degrees that pay. You will have to review resumes, manage hiring and firing in your company and develop policies that ensure that your employees appreciate. If you pursue the career of compensation and benefits manager you will get a median salary of $ 94, 978. As a recruiting manager the median salary will be $ 88, 916 and as a human resources manager you will earn $ 87,184.

If you are interested in the production, distribution and consumption process that a job in economics is suitable for you. Economics can be listed among the degrees that pay and if you become an economist you can earn a median salary of $ 115,671. As a financial associate you can earn a median salary of $ 108,732 and as an investment operations manager you will earn a median salary of $ 142,921.

If you are interested in the secrets of the natural world you can pursue a career in biology. It is a good choice since it is considered to be among the degrees that pay. A laboratory manager earns a median salary of $ 85,292, a clinical research associate earns a median salary of $ 72,812 and a health and insurance supervisor can earn a median salary that is around $ 71,758.

If you have great problem solving skills and a passion for developing new products, devices and systems that you should start your career in engineering and this is one of the degrees that pay. A chemical engineer usually earns a median salary of $ 75,225, a mechanical engineer earns around $ 71,715 and an electrical engineer can get up to $ 91,997.

If you have good selling and persuading skills then you should get a degree in marketing. It is one of the best degrees that pay. A marketing manager generally earns $ 86,591, a brand manager earns a median salary of $ 92,216 and a public relations manager can earn up to $ 86,127.

If you get a degree in English you should know that this is among the degrees that pay. A speech writer can earn as much as $ 78,011, a communication manger can earn $ 88,498 and a content manager can earn a median salary of $ 79, 674.

Choose wisely what degree you want to pursue based on your skills, interests and the degrees that pay salary and order a degree from us at affordable prices.